Monday, May 26, 2008

Will you marry me?

We had the very big pleasure of attending a wedding yesterday afternoon. No better way to spend an cold damp afternoon than in the company of friends witnessing the loveliness of a wedding. Clare and Phil - congratulations!!

Loved the bit where as part of their wedding vows, they asked 'will you marry me?'. That got us all going. It was gorgeous. After lots of drizzle all morning, the sun appeared just in time for the outdoor service. Butterflies in their 10's fluttered in the trees and gorgeous gold leaves acted as a stunning backdrop. Sounds very poetic and it really was.

Another really cool thing about going to an old friend's wedding is catching up with all your other old friends. Here we are posing - with no flash on the camera so not that great a photo but fun none the less.

Our Georgie Girl

Our littlest family member has been named Georgie (George for short), although Nicholas insists her name is Lavender. She is a sweetie who loves her bed and heads off at 8.30 every night. Who wouldn't love this lovely red squashy bed?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Film of the year - so far

I just can't describe this film with out it sounding dire and depressing but on the contrary 'The diving bell and the butterfly' is a stunning 5 out of 5 or even a 10 out of 10. I jokingly referred to it before going tonight as 'my left eye' as it is about a French magazine editor who is left with 'locked-in syndrome' after suffering a stroke. His only means of communicatoin was his left eye. Terrible enough in itself ,you expect even worse things to happen to him post trauma but the reality is that it was a very moving story, simple and powerful. Shot from the left eye and other sympathetic angles it is stunning. Alex and I just loved it and you have to see it. I have never seen an audience so quiet and respectful. Stunning.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sea World

Still revisiting pleasant holiday memories as Autumn really settles in. The wind was icy cold this afternoon and the leaves are whirling about a lot more than they were last week. The colours are gorgeously intense with the apricot tree being my favourite at the moment. Although we are still struggling through a difficult time with the small person, there were moments of fun and enjoyment today. A very pleasant morning spent in the company of two lovely women and their adorable twin boys up in Cashmere in a beautiful home in a sunny spot. Family visits and watching four children having a blast fooling about on the trampoline. Watching Nic in his very too small Superman outfit with his cycle helmet racing Nat with a glossy clown suit and red and black rugby beany and cycle helmet down the drive was very funny. However, this post is not about another Saturday in Christchurch, rather about a sunny day on the Gold Coast.

Dolphins and fish and roller coasters and other fun rides plus a very cheesy American style ski jumping show and a whole lot of other lovely things. The water flume ride and the Bermuda Triangle were such a hoot and I loved my first roller coaster ride. It was short intense and very upside down so short and intense was pretty much how I liked it. Jasmine looks so cool and I am yelling hi to Nic not screaming. It was such a fun and action packed day. Nic was the only child at the Sesame Street performance who didn't know who the characters were. Pre-school kids don't have time to watch TV so miss out on lots of those things. No big deal as far as I am concerned but interesting.

I could tell you about all the worthy and interesting things about Sea World but you can check out the link above and see for yourself. I decided not to take the day too seriously and just have a good time. It was so well set out and there were lots of people there having a really nice time. Of note was a totally insane group of Philippine tourists dressed in the most insane clothes and stopping every few steps to have amazingly weird photos taken. I thought we were on candid camera., unwitting guests at a fancy dress party, and I am no stranger to travelling and seeing weird and interesting people. I am not sure they saw anything of the park because they were so busy having their photo taken by the signs and doing that peace sign thing. Bloody hilarious. Love the Gold Coast and all the odd life that visits there.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aaah Mothers Day

So the sun has well and truly set on Mothers Day and unlike my post in 2006 I am not experiencing a warm fuzzy feeling. Why?
  • Nicholas was tired out of his mind and was a total s**t all day
  • I visited a friend of mine whose daughter has died and how shitty is that for her?!
  • Made a lovely orange cake for said friend and then bloody broke it...took a container of home made biscuits instead (and a stunning bottle of wine)
  • After hiding all of N's toys for continuous mis-demeanour's, I then had to ring a friend and bleat down the phone about being a terrible mother with no patience or skills...saddo. I have no right to feel so sorry for myself for God's sake
  • Forgot to ring Adam in England to wish him a happy birthday

Some good things did happen

  • Lovely new kitty cat lay on the bed while I finished a really enjoyable book - Bitter Sweets
  • Visited my lovely mother at home and gave her a lovely book which I hope to read myself one day
  • Ate beautiful free range pork fillet for dinner
  • Nicholas went to bed early

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day. I hope everyone else had a good day

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I think I might have got a porn hit or two on my last post of a similar title. Moving on, we went to Wet'n'wild on the Gold Coast and had the time of our lives. Nic was amazing and stoically tried every ride with the calmness of either infant indifference or pure terror. It was a great day and we don't really have the pics to prove it cos it is hard to keep your camera dry in a wet and wild environment. However, I can share with you, for the very first time, picture of me in my togs, having fun. I must say that we knew where the cameras were so hammed it up a bit.

Our new baby is here

She arrived today and she is gorgeous. Our little family is now complete and we are all gaga. Sad I know but you just cant help but love her. We rescued her from he SPCA - left by people moving house she had been in the pound for 2 months so is loving being in a home again. She has been playing with rolled up paper and sitting on all the seats and trying out all the laps. She is as quiet as a mouse and very very calm. Nicholas is just terrorising her and she seems to be taking it ok. I feel so sorry for her having him following her all the time and lying on the floor 5cm away watching her eat and you should see the way he carries her. No name yet. We would love some suggestions but I know my readers (all two of you) don't comment, which is ok, but if you can think of a cool name, make a comment.
She is so cute, I almost cried when we put her in the car. Having a bit of an emotional time lately. Two glasses of red wine last night and I was almost gibbering. A real saddo. I had forgotten how much I like to drink and go to the pub and talk sh**. I really am a party girl at heart and feel that the repression of partying for the last few years is about to lift. Could be messy. No doubt sensible parenting and partnership will prevail - sadly.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Saturdays really are the best ever days. And I would have to say that some of my all time best Saturdays have been when I have been travelling. There was a Saturday in London in 1990 that really stands out and another in the same place about 11 years later. We had an awesome Saturday in Amsterdam and one in Linz this last trip to Europe and even in Australia two weeks ago, we had another perfect Saturday. Analysing the days I would have to say that most involve markets, shopping, travelling, food of some description and a bit of culture. Underpinning those things is the feeling that for one day a week, even in a foreign country, everyone is doing the same stuff and you actually belong to the global village.

We went to Brisbane after several days of rain soaked adventures on the Gold Coast. Having spotted a sun on the weather map within easy driving distance we hightailed it for the bright light of Brissy. We had a fantastic day. Poor old Nic was walked off his feet but was rewarded with ice creams, frozen yoghurt, more food, a visit to the museum and swimming.
Getting ourselves to the South Bank required about two sets of lights and a left turn or two. Not bad for a 101km journey. Gotta love that Pacific Highway. Rocking up early we started our journey at one end of the South Bank precinct, wandering along the Arbour Walkway and spent about 7 hours working our way through the market, past the Nepalese Temple, into the stunning Queensland Art Gallery..., ... through the very busy and impressive museum...a wander over the bridge (brown water in the river the likes of which we don't have in the South Island of NZ), past the stunning new public library, up the tacky heaving and very interesting shopping mall before lunch in the food court. Back down the mall and into the library...with 10 minutes to explore before closing, back over the bridge, back down the path to the artificial beach, another graze through the market, down the stairs and into the car. A couple of right turns and we were off out of the sun into the pi#$%ng rain soaked Gold Coast. Although I had blisters from my jandals I felt uplifted and energised by yet another fantastic Saturday. We all felt the same.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wet and Wild

No not the fun park - the weather and the animals at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We decided to take a risk and visit the sanctuary although the weather was marginal and we had a great time. This guy had his eye on Nicholas which was fun...through the glass
If you ever make it to the Gold Coast, you must visit this place. It is great and all done by volunteers
It was pouring pouring pouring rain at the end of the visit and we were soaked to the skin but we did get to see some cool stuff like snake licking the back of a tree frog as it fled for its life and clung to a wall. We had been there before but for Jasmine it was her first encounter with some of these animals. She loved it.

Everyone was in good cheer although the rain was horrendous but this was the last day we could pretend that it was ok to be wet all the time. Spirits were low but we found a way to lift them. Tell you about that tomorrow.