Friday, December 22, 2006

trying to find my christmas spirit

I love Christmas...presents (buying more than anything),the tree, turkey, booze, friends, family, SUN!! Not sure why I am feeling flat this year. Perhaps I should have gone out and got the tree. That is always a fun thing to do. Perhaps I am just too tired. Went to bed at 8.30 last night and slept until 6 which is a looong sleep.

Perhaps it is because of the f******g rain and cold. Anyway, sorry to publish a downer but I just can't help it. I decided very early on not to do that in my blog but it is the best I can do today. I hope my next post is a little more inspiring and interesting.

Monday, December 04, 2006

more ..

Unique photo of the two of us together, if a little truncated
more action

A day at the races

Close to the action

Jonty organised a surprise day out on the Motukarara races! What a great day. We were very early and got ourselves a superb spot on the rail. Nicholas was amazing as he chilled out for about 6 hours with very little child entertainment. Being unprepared I wasn't able to ensure the usual raft of stuff was loaded in the boot but it was still great. We gave Nic the camera at one point which was fun. He was so funny asking all day when he could start 'following' his horse. Had to explain that you follow with your eyes... then when I went off to 'make a bet' he asked if I went home to 'make my bed' and when I he accompanied me to the outdoor tote, he asked if 'we were going to get a pet'...bloody funny.

This woman was amzing..did stunts on Lord of the rings as Liv Tylers stunt double

Jonty and I made a tiny bit of money and managed to end the day a few $'s up and that was after candy floss, a hot dog and a polar ice. Nic didn't like candy floss.

With the race book in my hand and plenty of opportunity to sit in the boot of the car watching the horses warm up, I made some excellent choices. We were surrounded by people we might not ever meet at any of the other activities we do and it was a good laugh. It was a great way to chill out in the month before Christmas.

More pics to follow...Blogger get your act together

Love the NB are our pics

Getting a good possie and a nice coffee...we weren't at the PieBin, just next door
South New Brighton School Kapa Haka group. Performed later and they were gorgeous
North Beach Surf Club - people we know - Hi Miffie
Looking for SantaHi to Nic from St Nic

Of course the library has a float but the pics didn't upload so will save them for another time. I was a bit tearful when they went past as I miss this stuff and they all looked so cool.

'The Shoes' are back ....what can this mean?

What to do?