Thursday, March 23, 2006

race relations

Race relations day 21 March is a big deal and I missed it because I am so wrapped up in work and getting ready for my trip to Adelaide. And I see how everyone else misses these things too normally.

Working in the library we are always aware of every 'day' as we are sent posters, stickers and other paraphernalia that goes with them. Now, working away from the front line, I have become obsessed with what I am doing and trying to achieve and that is not good enough. Must try harder.

Valerie Vili won a gold medal ...yay her. What an impressive young woman she has grown to be. Inspirational, calm and confident and very different from the shy 17 year old at Manchester. Beatrice didn't and she deserved her. I feel sorry for these atheletes with the weight of the nations pride on their shoulders. Hope they are having fun.

Friday, March 17, 2006

boat show

Way back in early Feb I posted pictures of my dad's new boats being launched. Here are some more photos of the Antique and Classic boat show. It was very cold at Lake Rotoiti which took the shine off the event a little but it was still great fun. We had a big family group and my friends Karen, Justin and Anna joined us all too.
Nic in his new gumbootsJonty motoring about preparing for the 'seagull' race

Sunday, March 12, 2006

holiday treasures

Here are some images from our holiday
Nic and his toys the eel shaped stick
Nic kayaking...there is a rope tethering him to my foot on the shore
boys in the boat
me and the boy bonding on the beach
The campsite

Friday, March 10, 2006

quick catch up

What a week. Having come back from a super relaxing and sunny holiday, we are already exhausted from a big week back. Highlight of the week has to be Nicholas' birthday. It was a lovely warm day and we had some friends around and then family for dinner. He loved his day and was a total star. I saw a wonderful recognition of specialness creep across his face when we were singing happy birthday and it warmed my heart. He seems to have grown up so much in the past few weeks. First photo is Nic and his cousin Olivia who is ten days older than him and his little cousin Ben on the grass who is one today. Big birthday month for us.

Other highlights this week
  • making the birthday cake - very fun
  • bookgroup - read a couple of books on holiday, will add these to 'bookscape' when I have a bit more time
  • starting my new 'project' for work, going to a new place in the morning and doing detail work all day. Enjoying so far
  • going to 'The bicycle theif' for dinner last night to celebrate a colleauges upcoming wedding
  • going to another wedding this afternoon
  • biking to work yesterday
Low lights
  • very tired already
  • U2 concert being postponed - was looking forward to that but wouldn't begrudge for a minute the reason. Family comes first.

More holiday snaps coming soon.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Holiday Snaps

We are back from our week away in blissful Able Tasman National Park. Here are some pics that I took while we camped at Totaranui. I am aware that there are 100's of 'postcard' shots around every corner and I wanted to capture the place in a slightly different way. Perhaps a way that doesn't tell you were you are but are smaller and more intimate view. See what you think.

Sunrise day one! The joys of going camping with a two year old, you get to see all the sunrises. Excuse the wonky horizon.

Our water toys. More on them later

That is all for now. Watch this space