Sunday, August 26, 2012

On the Road

Read the book, got the tee shirt, now seen the movie

I loved the book, wrote essays about it at uni.  Loved its madness and I am not sure I understood it all.  My dear friend Karen bought me the t-shirt and I still own it.  The classic Penguin books version still sits in my drawers 20 years down the track.  I do believe  I was wearing it on the day we got engaged.  So, when the movie wound up on the International Film Festival programme I had to get a ticket.

I loved the film.  It was true to the book and did explain some stuff.  I loved that the theatre was full of old people who obviously lived a little during the time and felt some connection to the material.  At the end of the film most people just sat still for some time.  It was so intense and indulgent.   Jonty and i have continued to discuss the themes in the film all week so it has provided us with some ongoing enjoyment.  Not for everyone I guess but perfect for me.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't stop me now

A few moments into the 'One night with Queen' performance I thought "I wish I had seen Freddie live', however by the end of the night I was rocking it out with everyone else.  And what a diverse crowd that 'everyone' was.  There were really old people...could have been 80, maybe...and they weren't old rockers just old people in old people clothes.  So that tells you several things
1.  Old people still rock it out in their heads...bodes well for aging
2.  Old people like seeing nice young men who do impressions.

Whatever the motivation was for the 70 year span of ages to be there, it was a fun and exciting night.  I took Nic and it was his first rock concert.  Very cute watching him get the hang of it.  Ear plugs were mandatory.  The cutest thing he said was 'are you allowed to sing along?' I said 'yeah mate, it's a rock concert, anything goes'.  Later I asked him why he asked that question and he said that it was 'Freddie's' performance and it might be rude to sing at the same time.  How cute!  I guess that is because he sings in a choir and it is a totally different gig.

Finally, you have to admire a guy (Gary Mullins) who wanted to be Freddy and made it happen.  10 years he has been doing this show.  Nice one.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Life is a funny thing, death not so much.  But so much to be learned from doing it well.  I had the privilege of spending a weekend with my darling Swinney/Thompson family as we experienced the death of our dear Elizabeth and then the amazing swift journey in funeral planning and departure.

Having been given the instruction to come up to Masterton for a farewell and celebration combo Ruth and I found ourselves arriving at a wake.  Our dear Liz passed away on Friday afternoon in the company of her family, including our parents.  We missed the final farewell but were warmly included in the planning and grieving over the next 2.5 days. 

Spending time crying, talking, coffin painting and eating a lot was very cathartic and special.  I know that everyone will have plenty of other times to grieve and miss Liz but starting that journey in such a warm and loving environment was special to us all.

It is not often that you have a couple of vicars and an undertaker in a family but how perfect it was to have a real family affair.  I had the special privilege of helping my cousin Gill and Lisa dress her mother & mother in law respectively.  My first dead body and it was ok.  Of course I cried but who wouldn't? 

What I learned among other things, was that the deep faith that some people have takes them into the next life in peace.  It also helps those left behind take comfort in that peace. 

A sense of normalcy was welcomed on Saturday morning at Clareville hockey pitch.

My mother and Hazel choosing paint colours for the coffin

Gill and Pete getting things underway
The dads taking a quiet moment
My contribution
Anika's farewell to Gran
There are a whole lot more photos to share but this will do for the meantime.