Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You can tell a New Zealander a mile away

And it isn't the accent. I am home from work looking after the small person who is unwell. Not unwell enough to lie in bed but too sick to go to pre-school. Anyway, I have time to do some net surfing and on a thread of investigation, I have come across a few blogs that I have been reading. As I read the first one, I thought 'this reads like a kiwi'. Checking out the profile, she was a kiwi...and so it went on. One had a photo that was just the top of some hills and the sky. You could tell instantly that it was NZ. I think that is really weird. What does a kiwi 'voice' sound like? What makes us distinctive in the written word? I am guessing that every country is the same. I can pick the Aussies too. Jasmine would probably be able to answer this question.

I might have to go in search of the answer to that questions, unless you have any thoughts to share.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Show Weekend

Everyone in Canterbury loves Show Weekend. It is always hot. That is what we all remember from those long torturous days at the AMP show...the smell of hot animal poo and sweaty jandals. I digress. We got married 8 years ago at Show weekend and it was bitterly cold. Anyway, we all love it as summer is peaking around the corner and bbq's, camping and swimming are the orders of the day.

We hopped on a Virgin Pacific flight to Auckland to catch up with lovely friends Karen and Justin in Warkworth. Bit of a mission getting there with a late arriving flight and hitting rush hour traffic in Auckland. You have got to ask yourself if it is worth it to live there and sit in traffic for hours every night. I just couldn't imagine it but Justy said that Aucklanders are conditioned to it.

keeping the kids occupied at the pizza place

Up in Warkworth the weather was ok but not fantastic everyday. We did manage a stunning day on the beach at Scott's Landing which was lovely. The men and children went out fishing in 'Orange Roughie' but didn't catch any fish which was confusing for the children but totally normal for us. Karen and I got to lie on the beach reading and chatting. A rare and very relaxing pastime.

Scott's Landing...gorgeous!!

The enjoyment of the weekend doesn't really transfer to words on this page. We had a fab time and loved being with our friends.

My boys by the river in Warkworth

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Busy weekend

Not every single post of the summer is going to be about the beach but I am indulging myself in being able to go every weekend at the moment. Already the summer slump has happened at home due to lack of time to keep everything sorted at home. Already I am suggesting some weekend home time...and it is only November. No worries, December will come and so will the rain.
Anyway, the weekend was very busy but heaps of fun. We had three social events on Saturday...a 70th birthday bbq in Hanmer for lunch, another bbq in Cashmere for dinner, followed by fireworks and then a 'house leaving' party on the way home. I had to stagger off home at 11.30 because my feet were sore. How sad is that? On Sunday we had a date at the bach with all the family to sort through and dispose of some of the tools and equipment that had built up in boxes and cupboards over the years. We amassed a trailer full of rubbish and recyclables. I think it as a bit emotional for the folks but we just had to do it and it was done with respect.
Those mad children plunged in to the surf like it was actually warm. The day was hot but the surf was freezing. Nic seems to have got the hang of boogie boarding first up which was impressive to us and great fun for him. Full on weekend but great. I hit a busy week with my eyes hanging out of my head and am still suffering. Book group didn't go so late but we got stuck in 'post fireworks' traffic so still a late night. With some scary stuff at work too, I am not sleeping well which is just not great. I have a 6am date with the airport on Friday so am expecting the weekend to be quiet...yeah right.