Thursday, May 23, 2013

travelling times

Here I am in Worcester England, sitting in the amazing Hive library after having a two hour tour of the building

It is one week since I left home on my latest journey.  I was determined to keep a running commentary of my trip and what I was experiencing but time is going to fast and I am putting a lot of effort into my work so personal blogging not really happening.  I also intended to keep a diary too but it has turned into a quick mindmap at the end of the day. 

Quick rundown
Flight on Singapore Airlines to London Heathrow...not terrible.  Great care  and kind people.  Air travel is an amazing experience, watching people and discovering different behaviours that you know you would NEVER EVER display or even expect.  OMG, the things people think are acceptable.  Treating the crew like their own personal waiters through the entire trip, demanding food every minute, eating all the chips and leaving shit everywhere, then farting a lot and yelling to each other across the cabin.  Crazy.  Sadly I was one in a row of 7 of them and I was gobsmacked

Heathrow...very efficient, through in no time, no border security, I could have been carrying anything and they would never ever know.  Once through passport you are totally ignored.  I can now see why Brits coming to NZ have a cow when they get questioned about rogue fruit in their bags.

Leicester with Louisa....lovely and fun with her.  Pretty much left to our own devices by the rest of them so we were able to enjoy pottering around, taking the dog walking and going to IKEA. We also went out for two meals and a great show at The Curve.  Guy came too.  Louisa is, as always generous to a fault.

Newcastle with Richard and Vicky.  Lovely fun.  Had a great night with them and the children.  Super visit with the Angela at the library and a bit of mooch around the town.  Very interesting, a bit grubby and wet.  Got some cool stuff to send home.

Birmingham...should have spent more time there.  Amazing library yet to open but I can tell it is going to be fantastic.  What a project to be proud of.  Spent a fantastic couple of hours with Fay whom I met in 2007.  Very proud of their achievement.  Lovely friendly people in Birmingham.

Worcester.   Haven't had a chance to explore yet. Will get out there soon once I have written up my notes.  Looked very pretty coming in and I am looking forward to walking along the river and seeing the sites

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hot stuff

Here I am in Leicester, England, yes England.  It's been ages since I have had time to blog, so busy have I been planning. My epic European and Scandinavian adventure has only just started and will see me traipsing all over the north of England, London, Amsterdam ,Helsinki , Sweden and Denmark.  I am fortunate to be sponsored for the trip but also carry the weight of expectation and the guilt of getting to leave broken Christchurch for some relief.  It is a luxury many cant afford.

I am currently hanging out at Louisa and Guy's and we are just home from the matinee session of Hot Stuff, a very British grown up panto kinda thing with Ceri Dupree, drag Queen extraordinaire and what a hoot it was. Funny being in someone else's culture and observing their ways of responding and enjoying a show.  I realised the music was 'their' music as Split Enz is ours.  Although world famous, the music has special importance to the people it belongs too. Very fun.