Sunday, August 26, 2007's here!

Nic came running in yesterday yelling, 'It's here, we are soooo lucky!'
'What's here? Why are we so lucky?'

The butterfly was just a fortuitous flutter in the frame.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Albert Cuyp Market

I love markets and this one in Amsterdam was brilliant. There was a great mixture of local food and flowers as well as fashion and designer gear and knock of cheap stuff. It is on every day except Sunday and is really big. Every night it is pulled down at 4ish and then resurrected the next morning. Crazy but very cool. We had a great time here and bought all kinds of little bits and pieces. My favourite thing was my new work bag for 5E which is a total bargain. I loved the fact there were practically no tourists. and the locals are so multi-cultural it was like being with the whole world in one place.

The market was in our neighbourhood so was an easy walk there and back. Later in the day we took the Canal Bus which added to an alreadly great day and if I remember correctly one of the five rainless days on our adventure. I think the pictures give a good feel for the place.