Sunday, July 25, 2010

cosi fan tutti - sanctuary of sensory bliss

My favourite shop, a place where I can lose myself for many hours and come out not spending that much but wishing I have a blank cheque and a huge house.  I was allowed to sneak in there for a few moments on the way home from the beach today.  However, after what seemed like only a minute, Nic came in to ask if I was going to stay the night and would I like dad to go and get me a sleeping bag.  Cheeky.

's'been awhile

Can't say exactly why it has been so long since I last posted.  Life has been ok with little bits of busyness interspersed with mind numbing boredom and some work exhaustion.  Study is going well and I am on to my second paper.  We have been up to the snow and out to the beach.  Nic has done some cool stuff during the holidays and we have seen some movies and read heaps of books.  Sadly the cameras have all fallen at the hands of the small person and we have no or very few photos to share.  So, that's it really.  When I have a bit more energy I will jot down a few lines about some of the books and movies and dig up a few phone pics of our adventures.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

why I love my son

Having spent a blissful Saturday morning in the mall and library with the boy I had a chance to reflect on how much and why I love him to bits...
  • he loves clothes shopping and has a keen sense of style  (even though I think the real attraction is the locking mechanism on the change room door)
  • he takes great interest in anything I am trying to buy, lipstick, clothes, shoes etc
  • he asks great questions -' if a raisin wasn't a grape would it be a fruit?'
  • in the middle of contemplative moments he offers to share his skills in counting ...'do you want me to count in doubles?'
  • he sets little tests for me-with flash cards - 'how do you say hello in Maori to more than 3 people?'  with a little set of flash cards with stick figures on them.
  • he sings like an angel
  • of all the things he could have had for his morning tea at the mall today, he chose seaweed salad
  • he still holds my hand when we are out and about...
...and so it goes on.  It is important for me to remember this on the not so great moments.

Other fun things I did today included shopping.  I haven't had the time or energy to do that much lately so today was pretty epic.  Although I went out to get boots for me and didn't get any I still ended up with great booty
  • two pairs of pants for Nic from Pumpkin Patch...on sale
  • lipstick, mascara and hand cream using beauty club vouchers (and some cash)
  • two cds from Borders - REM (which it turns out we have - obviously a keen favorite), and kd lang
  • a smiggle postcard pad
  • fabric, lining, shoulder pads, thread and a pattern to make a winter coat.  Wow.  The last thing I sewed that wasn't a straight line was my bridesmaid dress for Karen's wedding
  • and groceries to make a picnic for our trip to the snow tomorrow. 
I am not even going to look at the bank account.  No good can come of that.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2010


    I just added a new widget to my blog.  It is called SnapShot and you can see its little bluu icon thing sitting next to any links in my blog.  If you hover your mouse over the link you get a little snap shot of the front page of the link.  It is cute and sometimes a little annoying but if you are interested in any of the links I post or the 'Places I go' then it can give you a little taster before surfing off.

    Friday, July 02, 2010

    Latest Project

    It is not often that I talk about work here but this week my latest project has hit the deck, literally.  Here is the new carpet scheme we cooked up for the Central library.  It has not gone without comment might I say but it is important to note that this is the first item in a reasonably substantial list of things to change and renew and revamp. 
    It looks a bit dull in this photo but in real life it is pretty kick arse. 
    I love it and our architect Al whose idea it was. Initially he presented another less pink scheme until I caught wind of the option and once shown it was a no brainer for me.  Who would have thought PINK would cause such a stir?  Only one thing would be worse than that and you know what it is ----that no one even noticed.