Monday, July 24, 2006

Bridle path pictures

View from the top...and the boys almost there
A typical Nicholas photos...he just wont pose for a photo!
Part way excuse to stop for a moment

bits and pieces

We have been super busy lately and a bit sick so no proper entries for a week or so. So this is just a catch up of all the stuff that has been happening - not beautifully described as all the emotions and feelings that are normally attached to the events of life are but a memory, so it is bullet points and a few pictures.

Bike ride - yesterday we went for a ride with Ruth and Simon and the kids. They were on their tandem...all four of them and we were on two bikes between us. Everyone looked and pointed and talked about them so it was quite fun watching from behind. The weather was perfect so the experience was extremely pleasant. We ended up at Sumner and the kids played on the stuff before we headed back to WAC for lunch. Ran in to some people we knew along the way which is so Christchurch. Spent the evening at Anne and Tim's for a shared meal. The kids were great fun and Nic just loved rough housing with Finn and Lydia.

My best friend has gone to live in Auckland. It has been a very hard adjustment to make for me. There is a gap. Although a wrench for Karen, I think it is probably more of an adventure for them as you would expect. Having a gorgeous house on the beach in a warm climate is probably a pretty good silver lining. We have booked some flights to go and visit. So that is our silver lining, getting to travel a bit more and discover a new part of the country. You have to look for the silver linings.

Every Sunday we try and go an adventure of the physical kind. The previous two weekends we have walked the Bridle Path. Nicholas being the star that he is, walked every step both weekends. No complaints from him on the whole. And we get to walk slowly so there is a bonus fo us too. Good fun though. Noticed after the first climb and descent, my legs were in agony. A week later, nothing. It is amazing how fast your body can get fit (ish) . This is a wee photo of the Pioneer Womens' shelter at the top of the path.

I am trying to publish some photos but am having trouble doing that which is par for the coarse wiht Blogger. Very frustrating. Will do a separate post with them.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Thank GOD! Broadband has come to our house to stay. Need I say more, the light has come on and I love being on the computer. Haven't done an entry for a while. I seem to have been in a funk for some reason. We are still doing interesting fun things in the weekend to try and make the most of the small amount of time we have together. Just stepped away from the keyboard to make a couple of cakes for morning tea tomorrow so got distracted and will return tomorrow for another update. Off to bed to read my book and snuckle my husband. Catch up tomorrow.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

more snow photos

Justy and Anna

Jonty and Nic on Lake Lyndon

Karen on the saucer

Morning tea - (small) Jonty, Paulette and Nicholas


Lake Lyndon

Last weekend we ventured up to the snow in Porters Pass. Paulette and Jonty came with us and Karen, Justy and Anna joined us later in the morning. What a fantastic day. The snow was lovely dry powder which is perfect for children because they don't get so wet. Here are a series of pictures from our day. It was fantastic getting out in to the country, seeing the sun and laughing our heads off for the day.
Nic and the dalmation