Tuesday, June 11, 2013


While I am away on this work trip around England, Europe and Scandi, I have been meaning to keep up this personal blog but I'm finding it challenging because I also have a work blog and am using Facebook to do personal bits and pieces.  It has me thinking about the role of this blog which I set up 7 years ago. It was supposed to be a happy place for reflection and sharing of daily news and events as well as a way for me to keep a running record of Nic's life which I expected I would forget.  This has proved to be the case so the blog is useful for that.  However, since the introduction of fb , I feel sometimes that it I am almost bragging in the blog as that is what fb feels like sometimes.  It is a tricky road to navigate.  But in the course for this conversation with myself , I think I am going to get back to the original intent of this blog which is to record our life for us and anyone who is remotely interested.