Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just finished reading #62

Literally, I have just finished this book.  I am at home feeling poorly today.  Made it to work but turned around and headed home once I realised I did indeed feel crap and had a temperature.  In bed for sleeping and the GIANT yellow and black sucker truck arrived on the front lawn to complete the sewer work that has ensured months of giant road works at the end of the drive.  No sleeping for me.  So what better time to finish a book? 

The messenger - Markus Zusak

This guy sure knows how to write a book.  I just loved it.  As I did The Book Thief. The front cover says ...'comedic, romantic, thrilling, confronting, playful, deceptive'  What a great description.  There is something about Markus' use of language that enables him to skillfully let you inside the story in no other way I have experienced.  The language is spare in some ways, the vernacular is unique and could be in someone elses hands a little silly or perhaps contrived but he just nails it.  I love Ed Kennedy the main character, he is flawed, kind, a little pathetic but so likeable.  Essentially he is 'chosen' to become 'the messenger', whereby his instructions come in the form of a few words on some playing cards.  It is for him to work out the clue and then go about doing the good or evil that comes from his solving of the clue.  I like a book that goes forward at a pace and has meaning and this one does.   Being set in Sydney is a bonus too. I think the ending might disappoint a little but I wont spoil that.