Thursday, January 17, 2013


Christmas ninja
Amazingly good panorama at the Cold Play concert with Karen R.  Yay.

NY Eve - pave decorating

Around about April my great mate Alex and I flew to Wellington for the day.  We went to see wedding dresses and parliament and then had afternoon tea at the hippopotamus bar in the Museum hotel.  

Watching the boss being interviewed by Joy Reid TV1 news
Nic's Birthday cake...mmm, pretty average

Jane eating a petrified mouse at Central library during EQ excavation work
A gorgeous Saturday lunch treat
Sunday morning building demo.....bau
Magic tricks at Under the Red Verandah
Big bubble bath in Hokitika
Snow from the 5th floor of Civic offices

Vietnamese noodle

Karate grading
Ol's and Joe and Nic at the beach