Friday, January 13, 2012

Nic and Charlotte

The joy of watching two children together who just get each other so much but are not born of the same people.  Amazing connection.  I hope it lasts.  Gorgeous

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The adventures of Tin Tin

Saw the movie, never read one of the books.  We went as a an aside I must say I am loving the films of an 8 year old MUCH more than some of the shit I have had to watch over the years. 

Gorgeously crafted with all the charm of the books (I understand from Jonty), I really enjoyed the experience and had little jokes to laugh at and just could not get my head around the animation. Sooo clever.  Didnt see it in 3D.  3D is over rated after the first few minutes I think.  Not much to say other than it was a good film.  Here is a link to a blog post on Christchurch City Libraries Kids Blog written by our very talented and knowledgable Zac.  You can get a much better idea of the film from this, rather than 'nice film' from me.

Just finished reading #47

Cutting for Stone -Abraham Verghese

This is a book I had been ignoring in the book group library for over a year; this was due mainly to two things…. The cover and the setting.  Books set in the misery of the African continent tend not to be appealing to me, however, my pals implored I read it as it was becoming a favorite of the group.  So, I tackled it in late November and have only just finished it.  Since living in an earthquake zone I would have to say reading becomes a very difficult activity.  Not because of shaking but of your mind finding it hard to focus.  Plus, I have issues with most books I read these days as I suspect they lack an editors hand and have between 50-100 pages too many.  I find myself bogged in the middle reading superfluous blah blah.  I am sure this is a well worn record from me so I will move on.  

Marion Stone is the narrator, a twin to Shiva; he is born in the Missing hospital in Addis Ababa during the time of Emperor Haile Selasie.  Their mother, a nun, dies during the birth and the father disappears.  From here we live through the trials and tribulations of Ethiopian politics and history as well as those of a hospital in a poor nation and in a loving family of two Indian Doctors who lovingly and mildly eccentrically raise these boys.   The life they have with their nanny and helpers is wonderful and warm. A lovely story of culture, history, life, love, cultures and traditions.  I really did enjoy it and raced through the last 250 pages in a day or so.  It isn’t depressing or worthy, rather a story of love and loyalty.  I really enjoyed the extensive medical stuff.  Well written and a good holiday read with a bit more.

On another note, I picked up a ‘chic lit’ title from the library for my real holiday reading.  40 pages in and I was furious with the character and the plot had a giant hole in it.  I am not a great reader but really, yuk.  That will teach me.   I am sure there is a ton of great chic lit out there but I obviously can’t pick them. 

Monday, January 02, 2012


Iron Lady, good film, great acting.  Makes me want to do the research.  I like it when a film does that.  Meryl Streep is stunning as always.  I can't imagine how she does what she does.

I am sorry to mention this but it has been rather and extraordinary morning of earthquakes.  We had a big 5.5 at 5.45am and have had about 20 since NYE.  Very not nice.  Interestingly, and I am sure this is the coping mechanism of people but people thinking that just because we humans think it is a new year and are keen to see the shit of 2011 behind us does not mean the EQ activity is going to change one bit.,  The earth does not work on the Julian calendar.  Sad but true.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Day One

Welcome to 2012 friends.  I was going to reconnect with my blog in a more robust fashion on day one of my holiday 23 December 2011).  I was going to post a witty plot of the day and the musings of a woman on holiday.  But as is often the case these days, we had a kick arse stinking earthquake that ruined all of that.

HOWEVER, today is a new year and although I have no doubt at all that will continue to have shocking earthquakes, I am not going to let those bloody things stop me from doing things.  So, DAY ONE....mmm.

A tiny bit of musing, some shopping, packing for our holiday at our bach, some reading, entertaining and sitting in the sun in our backyard.  A pretty normal day in the life of us since Christmas.  There could be two highlights to this day.

1.  Iron Lady...will tell you later
2.  Another Donna Hay divine will be a close call. I made this last night and it was stunning in its simplicity and taste.   It tastes better than it looks. Tonight, with the chicken we didn't use I am doing a slightly altered version and am using a courgette out of my garden.  I am also wrapping the chicken in prosciutto not chopping it up so we will see how that goes.   Here is a link to the recipe.