Thursday, May 10, 2007

frog rock

A few weeks ago we went to Hanmer for the day. We spent a fantastic afternoon at the pools. Being autunm there was a nip in the air which made the hot pools even more delicious than usual. We played in the kids pool for hours and Jonty and I even used the hydro slide. I can tell you the heavier you get the faster you go! We came flying out of those tubes like a rocket. All bloody good fun. Nic absolutely loved the kids slides and the giant bucket that empties from a great height every few minutes. The best part was the sun and there being a lot less people than in the summer - room for everyone. It was a perfect tonic after a couple of super busy weeks.

On the way back we stopped and climbed up 'frog rock'. We have been past it hundred's of times but never climbed it. I thought it was very high and little bit scarey but the view of the autunm landscape was stunning.

You can see the road going North in the background as well as the Weka Pass railway line.

As you can see it was a stunning day.