Sunday, November 18, 2012

Coastal journey

Instead of roaring up the highway we decided to check out the views and little townships of the Dunedin coast at a slower and very windy pace


...more Dunedin pics

Playing chicken with the waves at St Clair....

Dunedin School Holiday

I cant believe I havent told you about this great 4 day holiday we had in Dunedin.  We normally rush down there to visit Jasmine, stay a day and then roar home again but this time, considering it was the school holidays, we took a few extra days to spend in gorgeous Dunedin and celebrate Jonty's birthday too.

The weather was not very good most of the time but there is something about windy rainy days that make things just a bit more interesting.


Gasworks Museum where Jasmine works every second weekend.  It is one of only three known working gas museums in the WORLD.  It was the first in New Zealand to start working and the very last to stop.  It is an awesome place well worth a visit.  I took a few pics trying to capture the industrial beauty. I am not sure that I succeeded but I had a lot of fun trying.

 Jasmine's pikelets

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Art in a garden

We went to this a few years ago and have been meaning to get back every year since.  Didn't make it until this year and the light for photos was great.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Email from my dad

Greetings Daughters,
Diary November 1 2012.
9;15 A.M. Found car park in Cashel St.
9: 30 Reported to X Ray dept. at hosp.
new X Ray completed 9:50
located the” bone shop “on 2nd. floor and reported to reception.
Waited waited waited
1 0:37 ushered into consulting room,waited.
Mr. Penny entered and introduced himself as surgeon. ( pleasant fellow)
examined Patient and found Right leg 10mm. shorter than Left ????
Some explanations ventured and then went to his office where Horror pictures on screen
explanation: right hip (previous implant ) socket detatched and floating .
left hip ,top of femur disintegrated and no sign of ball joint.
Remedy ; 2 new ball joints required, whether done at the same time still to be decided.
departed hosp at 11:15 A.M. and had Pizza for lunch on way home. Nice ..
Personnel satisfied with mornings activities but will need time to digest ..
Await contact from Mr. Penny regarding next step in system.
Best Love ,Dad.