Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ellerslie 2012

After being robbed of the chance to wander amongst the garden artists last year we were blessed with a shake free weekend to visit the Ellerslie Flower Show.  It was jolly windy and very autumnal feeling but I loved it.   We thought there was a distinct lack of retail for us to enjoy this year.  I went with my lovely Alex and we chose to extend our late afternoon whimsey with a lovely glass of Mt Difficulty Pinot...yeah.

The supreme winner (only part of the whole thing)
 Like the foliage mix, texture and colour here.
Xanthe White's simple but stunning design
I am going to do this one day

Red making a statement
Next post will have some of the sculpture, a dream of mine to own every year but never being able to bring myself to spend thousands on garden art.  One day.