Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kid stuff

We are just home from a lovely garden party at school.  Nic is in the school choir.  The voices of angels.  Gorgeous.  And the weather was fantastic.  Still and warm.  I managed to get a photo on my phone which doesnt really capture the loveliness but you can see the wee one in the front there warbling away.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

weekend away

What a great weekend Alex and I had in Dunedin.  In two short days...

  • Zandra Rhodes lecture...what an amazing artist.  Learnt so much about why she is the doyen of fashion, designer, print maker and all round lovely person.
  • Shopping down George Street and getting tangled in Fashion week stuff without even knowing it
  • expansive and expensive night at the pub (Alibi) with Jasmine and Simon.  Soooo much fun, didn't want it to end.
  • Bit of a drunken Japanese meal on the way home.
Photo courtesy of iD Fashion Week Facebook Page
    • Sleeeeeep in.
    • Fantastic but very cold and windy Otago Farmers Market...best yet...mmmm spinach and feta pies

    • Art galleries and NZ made shop
    • Movie - Bright Star - beautiful!!!!

    • Visit with the newest and MOST perfect angel on earth
      • The SHOW...why we were there.  What fun.

      • Perfect flight home over our lovely South Island
      • Ellerslie flower show...man it was hot 30c and very lovely

      Thursday, March 11, 2010

      weekend eve

      I love Friday because it is weekend eve.  However, it is Thurday weekend eve for me this week becasue tomorrow Alex and I are off to Dunedin for the iD Dunedin Fashion week.  For lots of reasons this weekend is going to be great, besides the fashion there is time with my friend, visiting Jasmine and hopefully meeting Simon and Nicky's very new baby Brianna AND shopping, markets, art and staying at a new hotel.  I feel very blessed to be able to do this.  Thanks Jonty and Nic for not making me feel guilty for taking time off.  The things that are not going to be so great about the weekend.  Missing Ben's birthday party and most of all missing Nic's first Weet Bix kids Tryathlon.  He seems very ok with me not being there but I have a few moments of the guilts.  Mind you, I miss most stuff of Nic's so I guess it isnt a bit deal to him as long as someone is there.   Alex, Ruth and I are off to Ellerslie Flower Show on Sunday...straight off the plane and to the show.  What fun. 

      Last weekend was brilliant.  Aside from spending the morning painting the giant @#$%& painted graffiti off the fence, I got to go to Nic's cricket which was fun. Then a walk in the park with Steph and then Jasmine was in town and we went out to Wagamama for dinner then to the Chinese Lantern festival.

      Sunday was Nic's birthday and we took him and four friends ten pin bowling.  It was hilarious.  7 year olds are so funny and observant and self aware.  Gorgeous.  I won the bowling, by the way.  Then home for pizza.  Later in the afternoon the entire family came over for afternoon tea.  That was great too, sitting outside eating a lot of stuff and enjoying everyones company. 
      I was so impressed with Nic and how he managed himself.  So calm and kind and very sweet.  I almost shed a little tear later thinking about the weekend.  Warm with love it was.

      Sunday, March 07, 2010

      it has been noted

      It has been noted that the blog posts are a little intermittent lately.  I have been struggling trying to think of anything to say as I have been so tired and my brain is a bit full.  However, I would like to say that I had one of the best weekends ever.  I am off to bed now but will talk about it tomorrow.