Friday, June 23, 2006

random pics from qbw

St Clair
Brighton Beach (Dunedin)
Saltwater pools St Clair

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the photos to go with the story qbw

St Clair with St Kilda in the it was cold

The Otago Harbour looking back towards the city

queen's birthday weekend

We had a fabulous weekend in Dunedin with Jasmine and our friend Marie-Anne. It was cold and a bit snowy but we had such a lovely time shopping, walking about the lovely town of Dunedin and also discovering some new parts of the area.

We stopped at Fleurs Place in Moeraki on the way down the country and discovered what all the fuss was about. It was a fabulous place to visit on a cold wintery day. We had delicious fishy food and divine desserts. Both Marie-Anne and I ran in to people we knew which is so South Island. Nicholas loved the staircase and spent a lot of time going up and down. We played outside climbing the tree and make believe in the old boat. Check out the weblink for a look.

Jasmine had sorted out some accomodation for us. It was pretty nice and we got a good price. It was a little challenging with no kitchen and one room but we ended up having a lovely time at her flat with the pierced, dreaded and tattood friends. Great conversation around the table over soup, bread and wine. Dave the boyfriend has bought the house and is doing a fab job of doing it up and excavating a room under the house. Very impressive. Nic spent the majority of his time playing with the cat flap and shrieking with excitement everytime the poor cat ventured in to the room.

We also visited the 'mushrooms'. Dave and his mate Sam run Shadow Gourmet - an oyster mushroom growing concern. Again, very impressive. Both guys put heaps of time and effort in to the business and are clearly passionate about their product. Really inspiring.

One afternoon J and N and J and I headed south to see what was happening along the coast. The weather was crap but we loved it and the Tairei Mouth was gorgeous. We headed down to Lake Waihola and back up to Dunedin. Marie-Anne had gone home by then as she was only staying one night.

On our last day we headed to the beach - of course and had a coffee at St Clair. We dropped Jasmine off at the hairdressers as we headed out of town and by the time we got home she had sent us some picks of her very short hair. Looked great. It had snowed the night before so we decided to come home through Port Chalmers instead of the Northern Motorway which is not flash in the snow. What a fantastic discovery that was. We went to Aramoana too and just loved it. Over the hill through the snow and to Karitane for lunch. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it. Up to Timaru and a cuppa with Marie-Anne and home. A fantastic weekend with our girl and Marie-Anne.

See above for some more photos

Monday, June 12, 2006

life is unpredictable

Well it is snowing today but I don't have any photos of it. After a sublime day yesterday where we went on an urban adventure and then spent hours in the garden like a summers day, it is a bit of a shock to be freezing cold today. I love the idea that it can be summer and winter all in one 24 hour period. Yay Christchurch.

Some pics from our day yesterday

Nicholas took this photo with only a little help from his mother
Trike crazy


I seem to be getting a backlog of pictures and things so am miles behind now. Sorry to any family who regularly log on to find nothing new of interest.
Nic was desperate to get up in the tree but his mean old mother wouldn't let him because he had his good clothes on. I don't think Frances was too keen to share her posi anyway. Next time Nic.

Friday, June 02, 2006

trike adventures

Nic, Granny Rosemary and I took a Sunday morning stroll through the lovely Chistchurch Botanic Gardens and Arts Centre. Nic was great biking all that way with no complaints or trike abandonment. It was cold but not nasty. Fog dial

Round and round the fountain

Sculpture - one of many