Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chilaxing with my conies

While we were out and about on our bikes today we came across a very enjoyable art exhibit under a tree in the gardens by the museum.  Christchurch people will enjoy these photos.

Ducks chasing bread


3 second rule

Gnome cone

Cone fish

Mt Cone

Cone o graph




Chilaxin with my conies

Flight of the butterflies

My lovely boys taking a break at Bean Scene


As my son would say?  What the?  Anyway, weeks have passed and no posts.  Just can't be bothered and can't find the words but today I am going to put in some effort.  I am guessing my friends who read this may have given up on visiting Sallyscape regularly as so often it is a disappointment upon opening.

So, what has been happening?  Lots and lots of stuff which all interweaves to make up our lives.  We have private things that don't get put in the blogesphere for privacy reasons and those things have really impacted on our life and my ability to put finger to keyboard.  The impact of such things is far reaching and has closed down so much of the frivolous mind that is the interesting and inquiring part of my brain. 

However, there have been trips and fun nights out, family gatherings, adventure days, shopping, movies and books, beach visits, warm days, new musical journeys, garden triumphs and delicious meals. Friendships have blossomed, intensified and started.  The best thing out the fucking earthquake is friendships.  Sustaining and so important.    Some relationships are strained and tense and perhaps worth walking away from or not trying so hard.  Work is tough but fulfilling.  Money is tight, there are no trips planned, no new house, lots of extra costs brought on by the earthquake impacts, no frivolous purchases.  Although, never hugely flush, we have had freedoms, now we don't.  However, some people live like this all the time and I fully respect how hard and tiring this is and take this life lesson on the chin.  It is hard not to worry about the future when you have no control and can't make things go your way.  This is also the situation for many thousands of people in our country so again, I just respect those people and their ability to just keep going and make their contribution.  We are not alone. 

We won the Rugby World Cup.  What a relief and a nice way to get through a few months, triumphs to tragedy and everything in between.  It was great to be an observer of all of that and for it not to be about us here in EQ much better than navel gazing.  Loved it.  Thanks rugby.  BTW - Zac are an alcoholic, sad but true, get the help you need, it is not the end of the world and there is a big community of support out there.