Friday, August 29, 2008

sun sun sun

So, if you were heading across the ditch tomorrow for 12 days of work you might expect to see the sun in the great southern land. Well, after weeks and weeks of rain here the forecast is for 4 days of sun. And, you guessed it, rain in Melbourne where I am headed at 7am tomorrow. Bloody bloody typical. I am really pleased for Jonty though. Being the single parent for 12 days with that Nicholas, sunshine is a life saver. At least he can get outside and bike, run, scooter and climb trees.
I think I will find time to blog while I am away but wont promise anything. I am thinking I wont be out tripping the light fantastic every night but I do like to socialise so you never know. I just can't say no. Anyway, here is a quick version of my itinerary.

Melbourne for the weekend...couple of libraries, a few shops and an art gallery or two plus lunch with my cuzzy Pete and Lisa...yay.Alice Springs - 5.5 days...ALIA conference and tours, red dirt, blue skies and no rain, surely. It is 30 degrees there right at this moment so I am very pleased I have packed my togs.
Sydney - half a weekend and three days...more shops, lots and lots of libraries, dinner with the whanau and friend Innes maybe more sun.I might be able to find some down time but I am not holding out much hope. Going to miss my darlings a lot and am at the very anxious phase of pre-departure preparation. I am packed and lugging about 5kg of library related stuff plus 4 pieces of technology with assorted cables, batteries, chargers and adapters. Thanks God for taxis.

Hope to catch you all soon

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I found this on the New York Times website and thought it was really interesting. Map and medal standings. Plus another interesting article that sums up how I have seen the games too.

Another wet day in Christchurch after a passable late winter day yesterday. I wonder what the day holds for us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yay another 'golden' medal. Nic always says golden and I think it is really cool and makes the medal sound even better than it is. Very cute. Another first. My first completed upholstery project tonight. I am really pleased with it and am getting stuck in to my next project.



I did all the woodwork on the top of the seat as well as the fabric and binding. It was such fun and looks great in the lounge.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sport, Culture and Love

I had the pleasure of attending the Royal New Zealand Ballet's Romeo and Juliet on Saturday. I just loved it. I haven't been to the ballet for a few years so this was a treat and my expectations were easily fulfilled. The staging and costumes were terrific and the dancing on the whole was lovely. Being the matinee, the lead dancers were having a cup of tea and a lie down while the understudies flexed their incredible muscles. I thought the choreography was gorgeous and really creative in the telling of a very old and well known tale. I checked out the choreographer Christopher Hampson and found this really interesting article about him and ballet in a UK ballet mag. You might like to read it if you are interested in such things.I went with Marie-Anne who used this opportunity to introduce us to her new man. He is lovely and endured the subtle scrutiny of the family as well as the full on verbal assault from Nicholas. Great to see you friends happy. That is all that matters when push comes to shove.

Added to this cultural and social activity Vanessa's 40th birthday cocktail party and catching the kids animation collection at the film festival. We had a truly lovely weekend topped off with NZ collecting a small raft of medals at the Olympics. Yay

Saturday, August 16, 2008

handstands and roly polys

I am enjoying the Olympics this year. The main reason is that I have no expectations and a clear understanding that the host nation is using this opportunity as a very expensive propaganda exercise. After having my heart broken at the last Rugby World Cup and the Sydney Olympics I have learnt to enjoy the sport and achievements of New Zealanders on a different level.
I feel sorry for Moss Burmester because he just missed out on a medal but really, he swum his best time ever, broke a couple of NZ and Commonwealth records and is a total star. Well done mate, not many people can say that. So what if he didn't get a medal? He did his absolute best and it is so not about us. That Michael Phelps is a freak and he is amazing but one in a million so not really comparable.
Nic is loving the games and fascinated by the heats, semi finals and finals and can't for one moment understand why 'handstands and roly poly's are in the Olympics'. Yay Nic, that it very funny.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mamma Mia

Today I had the privilege of seeing 'Mamma Mia' with about 100 women as a fundraiser for a friend who is working very hard to beat cancer. The film was hilarious but in the circumstances filled with some bittersweet moments. Nothing like a movie theatre filled with women laughing their heads off for a friend whose shoes we all wish never to be in. I really hope laughter is the best medicine because there was a ton of love and laughter there today. Good luck Julie....and the sun was shining, a welcome relief for everyone after weeks of wet weather.
I can see this film being one of those that is on at Christmas time every year and everyone watches it and remembers the lines.