Sunday, May 15, 2011

Share an idea

This morning after a cup o coffee and a croissant at Blax, we joined Alex, Joseph and Oliver at the CCC Share an Idea event at the CBS Arena.  What an fantastic opportunity to share ideas about how to rebuild Christchurch.  They divided the ideas into four categories 'Market', 'move', 'place' and 'life'.  We could share our ideas using post it notes, online, and on Youtube.  It was a totally informal event that included lego to help people place their ideas on a giant CBD map.  I saw far too many people I knew to make this a really useful event for me to contribute but it was fantastic seeing so many ChCh people there sharing ideas.  You can still go on line and share thoughts so I will do that in the next few days.  Back to the people, people I haven't seen since before the earthquake, colleagues, friends and long past people I knew.    Our boys were very brave and did a Youtube piece each, talking about their idea.  So sweet.  And they have given me permission to share.  So, if I can work out how to do taht, here it is....

Nic's idea
Oliver's idea
Joseph's idea

It was really good to hear lots of different ideas from people around me as I get really close to these things as part of my work and hearing a wide variety of perspectives is vital.  Thanks for suggesting we go together Al.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday /Autumn

Although the thing about autumn is the coolness in the air and changing of colours from summer green to golden tones, today is just like a summer's day and it feels great.  One thing I just love about autumn are the chrysanthemums.  I know they are not cool or hip flowers, but who couldn't just love these?

Nic and I are flying solo at the moment while Jonty visits his mother in England.  It has been a very busy three weeks but after tennis this morning, we treated ourselves to an autumn picnic on the long grass before I got the mower out.
On our (tiny) platter we had some very special treats.  Special because they were homemade but also some treats from  Mediterranean Foods which is open again after a long recovery from the earthquake.  Their building  which is the Monier brick and tile building, is in really good nick considering but the shop is very small until the floor slab can be fixed.  So, this is one of my 'adopt a business' places.  This wont be hard of course as the place is a haven of deliciousness.  Pass the word around ChCh people and get down there for your weekend cheese and Italian fare shopping.  It is a shame the cafe isn't open yet but it will be soon.  Keep you eyes peeled

The other joys of summer days is getting out your blow up play equipment and tents and making up stories and adventures deep in the garden.  Here is where I found Nic after a bit of searching. 

Monday, May 09, 2011


Although we have been back for over a week, I am only just now getting myself organised to share our awesome Auckland holiday with you all.  Our goal was to go to places we have never been in Auckland and do some new and interesting things that might feel like a little adventure.  So, famous Piha first.  We went super budget and stayed in a caravan with no running water or toilet, mmm just like home.  Oh well, it was fine and we met some nice people and had a blast discovering Piha. So gorgeous and obviously a much favoured and precious place for Aucklanders.  I liked that it was very non commercial and true to itself.  Shame about the weather but hey, the library had an awesome view.  The librarian was a bit grumpy though.  Bugger.

 The caravan
 Lion rock
 Looking North
 Awesome sand hill at North Piha beach
 One of the few Kauri trees left in the area.  It was a big logging area in the past.  Such an interesting history
 Sunset from the main house of our little accommodation space.  Sweet
 Gorgeous waterfall walk through the forest
 Up the Lion, loved it up there