Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Profusion of Pink

Our family party season kicked off last Thursday with pizza and ice cream sandwiches in celebration of Simon's 30 something birthday. On Sunday we attended a 'fairy party' to celebrate Olivia's 5th. Ruth put a lot of work in to the designing and decorating of the back yard and it was all lovely and pink and fairyish. The 30 degree heat also helped to make a lovely laid back atmosphere. All the girls floated around together playing lovely girl games in a little cloud of pinkness. The boys entertained themselves with the boat and ball games. Parents and grandparents languished on deck chairs under trees and caught up on each others year. Many of us only seeing each other at the annual event.

What made the event so very pleasant was all the lovely children who behaved like angels. No stampede to the food table, no tantrums no fighting or crying. Let's hope Nic's bash next week is as calm and relaxed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spreydon Library YouTube

Thought I would add this clip of my boss Carolyn being interviewed for CTV our local tv station. Note she is sitting in the gorgeous new Spreydon library. Click on the link and go to about 5.30 minutes in to the article and you will see the lovely Spreydon library in all its shiney newness.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I don't normally talk about work in Sallyscape but I wanted to share some pics of our recent project at work. This has been an ongoing project which has caused Chris and I some very dark moments and I think we both might have sqeezed out some tears of frustration at some point.

However, the revamped library re-opened on Monday after months of closure. We are thrilled with the result and although there are still a few lingering problems, it was very exciting to see customers loving the place on Monday morning. The team who work there also love it so, yay. It has been a huge team effort but as the project leader and buck stopper I am thrilled with the result. Perhaps some before photos would help ...might find some...

Friday, February 15, 2008


It really is Ground Hog Day... more pics of our holiday in the sunny Abel Tasman National Park. We had a fab time although not the baking heat of last year. It was windy and we experienced some pretty spectacular thunder and lightening as well as torrential rain. Nothing seemed to permeate our tent so all was well. A hightlight would have to be our trip along Farewell Spit. However, due to a camera glitch our photos are marginal. Totally my fault and I feel very bad about that.
However, here is a small selection of photos. Farewell Spit Lighthouse and Nic, Olivia and Ben
Golden sand

Awaiting the fire to die down for marshmellow toasting

Treasure hunting in the lagoon

...and the treasures