Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just finished reading #53

I have been reading up a storm lately but woefully not sharing with you so although this is post number 53 there are others, quickly forgotten books on my giant pile of paper loveliness.  This morning in bed I finidhed

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

I am not sure that this a book that you can describe the plot as it is a little bit confusing to explain.  IT issessentially a story about three people with the central character being Madeliene.  ALready this doesnt sound very good so here is someone elses much better description of the the way...LOVED it. Jeffrey is a stunning writer and this is the second book of his I have loved.  He is really really good.

Good Reads review gives you a good overview and accurate summation of the novel.  Read it.

Found in Wellington

I started this post MONTHs ago and have just found it in the drafts....I think we may have done this in April but I am not sure...

It is not often that I go anywhere without my camera and although I know phones take good photos these days, mine doesn't.  So for this post I am relying on some grainy sots from my phone, better ones from Alex's and some web images to visually describe a great day in Wellington.    Going for one day meant one intense stab at a few pre-planned activities PLUS a few found treasures.   Of course it was 28 stonking degrees in Christchurch while we landed in a windy, muggy, grey and wetish Wellington.  It didn't matter  a jot.  I have been to Welly a bit in the past 6 months so for me it was a few revisits to places I love and then we discovered some new treasures.
The Hippopotamus Restaurant is obviously not a big secret to the ladies of Wellington who made up most of the groups in the first floor restaurant at the famous Museum Hotel.  Stepping into a world of French loveliness we managed to get a tiny table by the window after Alex charmed the maitre d into letting us stay.  Yes, we used the earthquake card....unashamed.  It was awesome.

One of my favourite shops in Wellington - Small Acorns

Much Ado

I am so hopeless at blogging these days.  Tired and bereft of anything interesting to say. However, the embarresment of not posting for weeks is enough to propel me in to writing.

For the very first time in ever we managed to get ourselves off to the new Court Theatre on Saturday night.  We do need to get out more.  'Much ado about nothing' is clearly as it describes.  A precursor to every romcom and soap opera ever written.  The acting was great especially Lisa Chappel who did a fantastic Beatrice.  Roy Snow as Benedick was also great.  The rest of the Courts programme for the rest of the year looks pretty stunning so I am going to get myself organised and get a ticket.