Monday, July 30, 2007

Eye on London

When asked about his highlights, Nic always says the London Eye but I am not sure if that is because he loved it or he can remember it. We booked on line which helped with queueing but when it came to it the whole thing was pretty random. However, superior queue management meant only a 15 minute wait. 15 minutes before we arrived at the queue there was a torrential downpour of biblical proportions. With tickets pre-booked we had to use them on the day so took a chance and were rewarded with a great ride. I was terrified for most of the journey and only just managed to hang in for the whole 30 minutes. I didn't want Nic to get wind of that so sat quietly on the bench in the middle of the pod and looked far out in to the view. Overall it was a really worthwhile experience. Gorgeous boys

Great views

Who wouldn't be terrified?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What do you do on a cold grey winter day in Christchurch?

Meet your friends at the park and get talking and walking.

We met up with Karen, Justy, Anna, Ruth and her family, Jane, Ella and baby Lewis for a kids get together on Karen and Justy's last day and what fun we had. The children had a great time and there were plenty of tears and a few tantrums evenly spread among them all.
Ella, Olivia, Nicholas, Anna and Ben
After coffee and warm things for adults and ice blocks for the children we headed to the museum through the gardens. It was bitingly cold but with the talk and walk, we all fell in to our cars rosey cheeked and relaxed. What a fun afternoon. Jonty chose to stay at home and then came in to find us and couldn't...shame, as I think he would have enjoyed himself. Check out the museum on a cold day, it is really interesting. Funny how much more you are interested in your own city you are after visiting others.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Nicholas absolutely loved the trains in all the shapes and sizes they came in. He liked to push the buttons on the doors and in this photo is guarding the door to ensure he is the one in charge.

And he loved watching the trains leave the station once we had stepped off so it was time consuming getting places. This the underground train at our station in Berlin. Surprisingly graffiti free!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

tee hee

Here are a few fun pics from Leicester. Nic with his cousins whom he loved and they were fantatic with him. Jonty was a really good sport going on ALL of the rides at Twin Lakes fun park. Nic was too young/short to go on without a parent...good fun for everyone. The National Space Centre

Teeny tiny post to say we are still alive

So, we made it home in one piece. Thanks to everyone who spent time with us on our wonderful adventure and helped make it so memorable. Must thank the fans at home too for taking care of business. Nice to be home to lovely sunny, positive and terror free NZ. Anyway, next few weeks I am going to get some pics and stories up but in the meantime here are some tasters....