Tuesday, January 23, 2007

That Jonty takes a lovely photo

jeepers - it has been so long since I wrote an entry

that I had forgotten my password. It is time for me to move away from my boring lack of Christmas spirit.

So in the spirit of a new year I am going to get my act together and get back to sharing some stories and thinking about more than what is going on in my little universe. Apologies to anyone who might have popped in to see what we are up to and found nothing new for the past month.

Here are some pics
I just love this one of Vanessa. We went to her wedding early January and it was fabulous. Everything about it especially how gorgeous she looked.

And here is Nicholas being a total drama queen. He asked Jonty to take a photo of him getting a supportive hug from me. Not sure why but it was all very serious for him and bloody funny for us. But he does look cute and vulnerable which is not a common thing for him. The really sad thing about this photo is that it was taken on New Years Day in NZ and I had on three layers of clothing to keep warm and a sun hat for the rare moments of glaring sun.