Monday, November 27, 2006


Home again after another quick trip up to Auckland. This time I went with Alex and Pete to see U2. We had a perfect time. The concert was truely superb. Being the 4th time I have seen them I was not overwhelmed and amazed but I felt that every minute of the rain and wind was worth it. The clouds parted as they started so there was nothing to detract from the gig. The lighting we sensational and of course the political messages intense. What more would you expect? Bono's voice was velvet, beautiful.

Although we were general admission, we managed to sneak in to the stand and just hung out on the stairs for the entire show. Found ourselves next to the NZ music corporate box. Spent most of the show about 30cm away from Scribe(circled in black in the photo below). He loved opening act and enjoyed the first few songs of U2 until someone lit of the doobies and everything went quiet from there. Their dinner smelt nice. Oscar Kightley and Scribe left at some point not to return. Fiona McDonald was animated when she spoke but was contemplative, appreciative and quite for most of the show. She sucked on a bottle of water. Respect. Alex and Pete were behind me and saw all kinds of other stuff that I missed. Made the night even more interesting. We stood where the pink blob is. See how wet everyone is, well that was us too.

When the lights went down before the show lights flickered in the audience and being a 30 year veteran of outdoor concerts I was impressed with the early arrival of the lighters. About 30 seconds later, I realised it was cell phones...people taking photos. So I got mine out and took some too. Got one of Scribes foot. Nikes. I txt'd for poverty and all that. I was so impressed with all the phones further in to the show.

Well worth the wait and the cost and the rain. Having a ball with Alex and Pete was the icing on the cake.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

nic's show pics

One of the many vintage machines that captured my attention. Love these things most of all.Chasing sheep at the end of th day...all I wanted to do was touch one, just one but all 200 started running and running....


non-beach activity

Yes we do venture inland on occasion and with the recent A and P Show featuring on the Christchurch social calendar, we have had a bit of country lately. Nic had been invited to visit Nicki and Andea's new foal. They like the foal to experience a lot of the things that might upset a horse in its life. So, along with plastic bags and kicking buckets, small, noisey and unpredictable children are desirable. Can't often say that. So we popped out after work the other night to meet the new baby who at 9 days old was stunningly cute. Nic, who had been bursting with excitement all day was a little ho hum but he did do the things required so all was well. We also left behind the red balloon he got at the show as tht is another thing the foal needs to experience. Enjoyed a lovely glass of local Kaituna Valley Pinot Gris and Nic got goosey playing with Cougar the cat. It was a lovely relaxed way to end the day. Everytime I visit Nicki's I think how much I would love to live in the quiet of the country with space and vistas but underneath I know that I need to be nearer to the coast. Mind you, it could be something I have to experience in my life so you never know.

Monday, November 20, 2006

catch up

Firstly, apologies to anyone who makes a regular swing by the blog. My brain has been too full to find space to string together an intelligable entry or two. The last couple of weeks have been an amalgam of beach visits, work - went to Auckland for a few days - Christmas shopping and social events and more. The most disappointing thing has been the super crap weather or rather a lack of consistancy in the weather. I am ready for summer now please.

Jonty and I have become addicted to computer scrabble and it is not pretty. Wont go in to the details but needless to say there has been fierce competition and almost late for work moments. I feel ok about this as I know we will move on from this as we have with all our other computer based addictions.

This could be a hugely long entry but I dont want to bore so will just throw in some highlights and a few pics. We have had a few weekend days at Taylors. We took Olivia one day to give Ruth a bit of break having had two chicken pox children in a row. The children don't seem to notice the cold much. Not often Nic makes a nice face for the camera. Got some lovely pics of Olivia.
The following weekend we were there again with Jonty's family, supporting them as J and R were competing in the TM to Sumner race. Again, another cold day. Both did really well. Nice to have all the visitors at the bach. of all ages with lots of energy and love for the beach.
This will do for this post, Nic is jumping around the room trying to get attention and I really should be making the lunches and getting him dressed so I will find some time to come back later today and write another post. The sun is out!! Long may that last. Have a good day