Wednesday, August 30, 2006

coogee coup

Jonty's surprise weekend to 'Tauranga' turned out to be a Coogee beach getaway. What fun I had planning and keeping that a secret. We had a fab time just hanging out in Coogee and around the place. We ate out every night at a variety of reasonably priced retaurants including 'A fish called Coogee'. I had marlin - first time, lovely.

We walked from Coogee to Bronte along the coastal track which was a 2 and half hour round trip after a spell on the beach at Bronte drinking a terrible coffee. I just love the way the Aussies go to the beach and just chat and hang out. Only kids and speedo clad surf life savers in the water. Jonty took a dip at Coogee - not in speedos.
Waverley Cemetery ...perched on the cliff top, it has a fantastic multi million dollar view, yay the dead people!

On our first morning we thought there was some 'thing' happening but it turns out that it is just that lots of people just hang out and chat at the beach. Very cool. We did that too but just talked to each other, had our lunch, did some reading and checking out the locals.

We stayed a boutique hotel called Dive - which is a funny name for a lovely place but you get it when you see the photo. Our room was gorgeous...facing the beach, huge with a king sized bed and the most sumptuous curtains. It was pretty noisy in the wee small hours but you expect that with the student bar down the way but it was fine.
Our hotel is the little grey one in the middle of the photo.

Markets - Paddington. Having been to heaps of markets I think it is one of the best with genuine gorgeous things. We bought a few bits and pieces. Sydney Fish Market was a real find. It was fun being one of the very few white English speaking people there. We had some very tasty morsels and watched the hubbub from the water front. Bought some delicious strawberries to eat back at the hotel. Yum, roll on summer.

That's it really..Bloody great!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

nic's pics

One day a few weeks ago I let Nic take the camera and have a play before pre-school. He had fun working out how to get the images he wanted. Here are some of them.

A flattering image of me

The fire place was a favourite topic

Hippo bowl

The cupboard where the vitamin C tablets live

Cups on the bench

20 days since has been 20 days since my last post. That is about how many days I have been sick sick sick. No energy to think about anything vaguely interesting, that is if some interesting was happening. Well it hasn't. I got the New York flu and was pretty stuffed. I guess if you are going to get the flu what better one to get than the one from the Big Apple. Still feeling pretty unwell but at least my wallet is lighter thanks to some after hours Dr's visits. Hopefully the new sore throat I have will be cleared up before our mystery weekend away this weekend. I don't want my head exploding on the plane. Could be a disaster.

Anyway having had one week back at work, I am tired but I am starting to get my mojo back and might be able to string a sentence together. Busy day at work today but time and half pay makes it worthwhile...kind've.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a day in the life...

Day after day of colds, runny noses and sore throats is enough to really get you down. However, two days of glorious sun and a hint of spring in the air is almost enough to get the sun block out and start planning summer holidays. Nicholas has no idea about the seasonal flux as his life is just a dream...

...a bit of gardening

...hanging out with his mates (see who knows about cameras?)

...a pre-breakfast snack...

What a life!