Friday, December 04, 2015

Movie Moments

You know how some movies start with darkness? You are left looking at a black screen but listening to a moment or scene and imagining it is you lying with your eyes closed.   I love these movie starts because usually we find ourselves in a summer scene with summer sounds like birds, children singing, a fly buzzing or someone humming or gentle lilting songs.  Then as the scene is revealed it can be veiled and romantic or surprising and confronting.

I had a movie moment the other day.  I was lying on the beach at Birdlings Flat on an unusually calm day.  The surf was not crashing and sucking up all the other sounds, instead the wind was king and it sounded great, dramatic but not frigid.  The hot stones set off a smell of the ocean and warm rock wear.  There was a fly buzzing past and in the distance I could hear the chatting or rather yelling of fisher folk camped up on the stony beach.

When I opened my eyes I was dazzled by the bright sun and bright white clouds.  Then the quiet conversation of my companion.  I was warm and relaxed and drinking in the movie moment.  This movie rolled out over the weekend with many other moments to remember and relish.  More on those another time.