Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just finished reading

The Brooklyn Follies - Paul Auster

I was mildly embarrassed for not knowing who Paul Auster was when two people in different countries told me to read his books.  I came to the conclusion that as I wander further and further from the path of librarian to facilities slave, my knowledge of books and authors is drifting away.  This does not for one moment indicate any reduction in my love of books and literature, just a waning intense knowledge.  I guess something has got to give and now I am the 'customer' reliant on the knowledge of my colleagues and friends to extend my reading menu.  Thank god for librarians I say.

Apparently The Brooklyn Follies is considered by many as a step away from the usual Auster subject matter and accessibility but still holds the essence of his writing which is well awarded and much loved.  I thought the story of Nathan Glass, 60 something, moving to Brooklyn to live out the last years of his life was a sweet story.  The lessons of life, making plans and  reconciliation were rolled up into a tale of men trying to find a way to a meaningful existence, a purpose and value, I think.  The neighbourhood setting and characters created a very embracing safe place to grow, make mistakes and live.  I expected something a little sharper and no way was I expecting a 'happy ending', you be the judge of if it really is.

A very nice book to while away the hours with, interesting characters, good back stories and of course pretty perfectly written.


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